Packed with whole fruit and only a squeeze of lime. Including all the vitamins, minerals and fiber. Never any concentrates or juice. Just as nature intended.
Leave behind insulin spikes, post-sugar crashes and empty calories rivaling soda. Replacing juice is the very mission of Ola Vida.
Ola Vida keeps it healthy, packing nutrition and calories where it counts with only whole fruits, vegan proteins and oat fiber.
Nuff Said.
Ingredients that you may find in your own home. No chemicals or additives and nothing you can’t pronounce. Ever.
Healthy fats; creamy, velvety goodness and satiety. We can all use more avocado!
Utilizing everything but the peel and inviting avocado to the party results in a nutritional complex full of healthy fats, fiber, sugars and proteins leaving you full for hours.
Replacing refined ingredients in favor of nature’s finest requires a greater investment and commitment, and in return delivers natural deliciousness. The best damn thing you’ll devour all day.




“Ola Vida” is the combination of ‘life’ in Hawaiian and Portuguese which pays homage to the Acai Bowl’s humble beginnings and our inspiration. Our mission is to conveniently deliver the whole fruit by providing nutrient-rich foods you can enjoy anywhere, anytime. Ola Vida is the first whole fruit smoothie you can enjoy on the go, at work or in a bowl at home. Yes, it’s thick enough to add your favorite toppings and eat with a spoon! When you don’t have time to make your own smoothie or stop by a café, Ola Vida delivers whole, nutrient-rich foods to satisfy your hunger and power your day.

The Amazonian palm tree berry, known as the acai berry, has been a staple in Brazil for generations. Locals and visitors alike enjoy acai smoothie bowls for breakfast, lunch and in between. Roughly 20 years ago, acai berries were imported to Hawaii where they inspired acai bowl cafés on every corner and a passionate following among those who value health and nutrition.

Although my family visited Hawaii annually, it wasn’t until 2014 that we tried our first acai bowl. Our world changed the moment we dug into the thick, purple smoothie base packed full of acai, blueberry, strawberry and banana, topped with granola and coconut. We had enjoyed smoothies for years, either at our local café or through our own kitchen creations, but this took smoothies to a whole new level. We always found retail smoothies disappointing, a trade-off between convenience and health. Made primarily with juice, which is packed full of high-glycemic sugars, they lack the full nutrition and satiety of whole ingredients. The low sugar varieties are no better, given they’re 50% water.

Our goal at Ola Vida was to recreate the taste and nutrition we discovered in Hawaii in a format that is quick and easy to enjoy. By incorporating whole acai berries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and bananas, the healthy fat of avocado, plus oat fiber and vegan proteins, we found a better way to deliver all the goodness a smoothie should provide. Ola Vida — nutrition as nature intended.



Now available in Langley and The Drive!

Look for us at Lee’s Market in Langley and Sweet Cherubim on Commercial Drive!

In stock!

Find us on the mainland in Greens Organic and Natural Market and both Vegan Supply locations!

Bottles in the wild

Retail bottles in the wild! Perfect way to kick off summer, or any season for that matter.

Retail Bottles @ FoodproWest 2019!

The grand unveiling of our much anticipated retail bottles is going down at BCFPA’s FoodproWest 2019 on June 3rd at Parq […]

Ola Vida’s Attending GSF19

Pretty excited doesn’t cover the energy surrounding our first ever food show. Stop by booth 1215 for some samples!

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